Teachers’ resources

There are heaps of great resources available online to help you teach your students about the values of wetlands.pied oystercatcher copy

Here are a few links you might find helpful:

Wetland Care Australia’s Wetland Discovery Program

Here, you’ll find a link to a resource kit designed for use with years 3-6, as well as links to a range of other resources the might come in handy.


The Queensland Government, in partnership with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, have put together some great resources for schools, looking at the importance of wetlands, especially as they relate to the health of the Reef – find them here.


As a special offer for schools participating in the World Wetlands Day Poetry Prize, you can get a copy of saltmarsh ecologist Vishnu Prahalad’s A guide to the saltmarsh plants of Tasmanian Wetlands, and also, a copy of the very popular Tasmanian Saltmarsh Wetland Birds poster.

Both of these publications are illustrated by the very talented Rachel Tribout – have a look at some of her illustrations for the saltmarsh plant book here, and for the poster, here.

You can purchase a book/poster pack directly from Vishnu – please contact us via the contact form for details.