Congratulations to the overall winner of the grades 5/6 section, Ella Robinson!

 Secrets of the Wetlands

by Ella Robinson


The rich, red, sludge

Squelches beneath my toes.

I can hear the essence of nature


Birds cries echoing

Trees whistling

Frogs croaking

I can hear the wind swaying

Through the reeds and grasses

Side to side,

Lovely, cautious wildlife

Disappearing under

The fresh green lilies and reeds

Searching for food

I can see

The most beautiful flocks of birds

Peppering the sky with their elegance.

The fresh green lilies cover

The water’s surface

Flowers bloom

With rich, vibrant colours

An incredible cycle of life.


The photo at the top of this piece is by Juan Sebastian Bermudez Salcedo, and was taken from the Ramsar website – to see more beautiful wetland images, visit their image collection here.

Here’s the overall winner for the grades 3/4 section – Stella Taylor’s “Perfect Catch”

Perfect Catch 

by Stella Taylor


With my bevy of swans,

I trot around,

Looking for a perfect juicy frog.

I swim along the calm water over to the lily pad.

With my long neck, I reach out for a frog.



The granular glass frog (Cochranella granulosa) featured in the photo above is one of many championed by Panama’s Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Project – check out their work and more cute (or is that yummy?) frogs here.

Come and join us for some wetlands poetry at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival!

Black-fronted_dotterel copyOn Monday 13th February, we’ll be presenting prizes to the winners of the World Wetlands Day Poetry Prize for Tasmanian students at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival.

It’s a holiday in Hobart for Regatta Day, and there will be heaps of interesting things going on as part of the broader festival.

The ceremony itself, which will include readings from some of the winners and some tasty wetlands-themed treats, will be held on the Parliament House Lawns Stage, from 12:30PM til 1PM.  We’ll also be presenting prizes to all of the winners who are able to attend.

Please RSVP us if you’re likely to join us, so we know how many treats to bring!

Hope to see you there!



Happy World Wetlands Day! Here are the winners of our poetry prize!

Happy World Wetlands Day!


Congratulations to all entrants in the World Wetlands Poetry Prize for Tasmanian Students!  Disphyma crassifolium

The prize was judged by Bradley Trevor Greive AM (who is an especially judgy judge), and he chose the following poems as the most outstanding examples from all the entries we received:

Years 3/4

Overall Winner

Perfect Catch by Stella Taylor

Highly Commended

Wetlands by Caitlin Powell


Wetland (Land of Wet) by Jasmine Cooper

Dinner by Bonnie Hewitt

Wetlands by Mia Van Dijke

Wetlands by Tahlia Chilcott

Years 5/6

Overall Winner
Secrets of the Wetlands by Ella Robinson

Highly Commended
Wonderful Wetlands! by Nina Pahari


Wetlands by Archie Jones

The Wonderful Wetlands by Zara Richman
Wetlands by Stephanie Wilks
Our Vast Wetlands by Daisy Willows

Years 7/8/9

Overall Winner

Reflections by Tess Harkin

Highly Commended

Frog Spawn by Clementine Harris


Return to Wetlands by Tessa Yu

Flamingo by Elle Anderson

Horses of the Camargue by Marion Scott

Dragonfly by Anagha Valappil

Congratulations again to all who entered – we hope to see some of you at the celebration at the Wooden Boat Festival on Monday 13th February from 12:30PM til 1.  Stay tuned for more details – we’ll be posting them in the next couple of days.

Thanks so much to our sponsors, NRM South and Fullers Bookshop, for making this poetry prize a possibility, and to Clarence City and Sorell Council’s for their ongoing support.

NRM South_logofullers






We have a shortlist!

Hello there World Wetlands Day Poetry Prize enthusiasts!

Our rather judgy judge, Bradley Trevor-Greive AM, has been perusing your poems, and has compiled a shortlist of entries he rather likes.  Unfortunately, we didn’t receive enough entries for the grades 10/11/12 category to be able to meet our needs for this prize (we suspect these students were wisely swotting up for exams), but for the other categories,  BTG has chosen the following:BTG Current Author Photo

For the Grade 3/4 category, shortlisted poems include:

  • “Wetland (Land of Wet)” by Jasmine Cooper
  • “Wetlands” by Caitlin Powell
  • “Dinner” by Bonnie Hewitt
  • “Wetlands” by Mia Van Dijke
  • “Perfect Catch” by Stella Taylor
  • “Wetlands” by Tahlia Chilcott


For the Grade 5/6 category, shortlisted poems include:

  • “Wonderful Wetlands!” by Nina Pahari
  • “Wetlands” by Archie Jones
  • “The Wonderful Wetlands” by Zara Richman
  • “Secrets of the Wetlands” by Ella Robinson
  • “Wetlands” by Stephanie Wilks
  • “Our Vast Wetlands” by Daisy Willows


For the Grade 7/8/9 category, shortlisted poems include:

  • “Return to the Wetlands” by Tessa Yu
  • “Flamingo” by Elle Anderson
  • “Reflections” by Tess Harkin
  • “Horses of the Camargue” by Marion Scott
  • “Frog Spawn” by Clementine Harris
  • “Dragonfly” by Anagha Valappil

Congratulations to all shortlistees, and indeed, to all poets who entered a poem to the competition.  We wish you the best of summer holidays, and hope you get to go for a wander through some lovely local wetlands over the festive period.

We’ll be announcing the overall winners of each category on World Wetlands Day – 2nd February 2017.

We’ll also be posting some updates on events coming up over the summer, including details of the World Wetlands Day Poetry Prize Ceremony, which will be held at Hobart’s Wooden Boat Festival on Monday February 13th – please do come along to hear some of the winners’ poems read aloud!

Best swampish regards,

The World Wetlands Day Poetry Team



Pens down!

BTG Current Author Photo

Congratulations to everyone who entered a poem in this year’s World Wetlands Day Poetry Prize for Tasmanian students!

We’re looking over your entries now, and on November 15th, we’ll be announcing the shortlisted poems, as selected by judge Bradley Trevor Greive AM.

Good luck everyone!