Runner up in the grade 5/6 section – Sarah Richman’s poem “The Wonderful Wetlands”


The wonderful wetlands 

by Zara Richman from Scotch Oakburn College

Flourishing wildlife bursts into life 

Waterfalls run into calm rivers

Dominant mammals lurking near reptiles 

Nursing their young close to the billabong 

The water’s edge at the light of dawn 

Shimmering water is animal’s home 

Lurking in the mist, powerful deadly predators 

Along the plains, in moist warm air 

Animals under threat, losing their homes 

The overhang is watching everything that happens below 

The essence of nature 

Dazzling though the clouds of the morning brightly shining 


Birds swoop over the reflective water 

Beautiful creatures live peacefully 

Not destruction to be seen 

Animals are free 

A place to call home 


Runner-up in the grade 5/6 section – Archie Jones’ poem “Wetlands”


by Archie Jones, from Scotch Oakburn College

I hear birds   
As they call to their loved ones  
Crocodiles lurking deep down 
Below the waterline  
Swans and pelicans 
Competing for food 
Diving, hunting, pecking  
Fish shimmering, ducking, hiding 
Their lives will soon be over 
Animals drawn away 
Far away from their homes 
The injured are left behind 
As the wetlands evaporate 
In the hot summer sun 
You hear the splash of crocodiles 
Grabbing the injured animals   
Soon to be gone 
And the crocodile will always 
Be waiting for more. 

Highly commended in the grade 5/6 section – Nina Pahari’s “Wonderful Wetlands!

Wonderful Wetlands! 

by Nina Pahari of Bellerive Primary School

black swan copy
Croaking, swimming, 
Hopping in the wooded swamps. 
Yellow, brown, green and gold. 
Newly born tadpoles frantically flipping in the murky water. 
Frogs of the wetlands 
Graceful, elegant, 
Some gliding, some drifting. 
Plunging their long necks into the water, hoping to find food. 
Look up ahead!
Hundreds of them, flying towards the rain. 
Swans of the wetlands 
Stretching tall, 
Swaying gently in the breeze, 
Trying to grow higher than the sun. 
Birds plucking them out one by one to build their nests. 
Reeds of the wetlands. 
Paddling slowly through the still water. 
Small, cockroach-like body scrambling over pebbles. 
Scurrying to find shelter, 
Waiting to be prey. 
Waterbugs of the wetlands. 
These are just some of the many wonderful things that make up our wetlands. 

Runner-up for grades 3/4 – Jasmine Cooper’s poem “Wetlands (Land of Wet)”


by Jasmine Cooper

of Taroona Primary School

Filamentous algae on saltmarsh

The land of wet
I call it,
I hear
the beasties in the
The soil
melts into
my toes
the cold,
water is creeping
into my body
while the
on the
in the
misty mornings
the damp
mist lures the
into the water,
the wildlife and
the plants
the environment supports all the life in the wetlands
this is the wetland environment