Runner-up in the grade 7/8/9 section – Ella Anderson’s poem, “Flamingo”


by Ella Anderson, from St. Michael’s Collegiate

Tear shaped head, 
like a wonky pink flame 
on a feathered rope of neck. 
Pillowed body, 
ruffled by brittle breezes. 
Thick beak, 
dipped in black paint at the tip. 
Blushed body 
like the hot, pink cheeks of a toddler. 
Reedy, gnarled legs, 
the scraggly top branches of an ancient tree, 
knotted underneath its belly. 
Long, wrinkled toes, 
combing through blooming clouds of sand. 
Strutting stiffly, 
pecking precariously, 
a flurry of feathers.

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