Runner-up in the grade 7/8/9 section -“Horses of the Camargue” by Marion Scott

Disphyma crassifolium

Horses of the Camargue 

by Marion Scott, from St. Michael’s Collegiate

As the sky is sprinkled with the light of day 
White horses join the salty spray 
The cool night air and harsh winter rains 
The mistral that whips and rustles their manes 
A horse that roams the watery plains 
The horses of the Camargue 
The herd has stilled, a tall mare strays 
She and her colt have stopped to graze 
He is not white, but charcoal black 
An egret, perched, upon his back 
Snatches insects for a tasty snack 
From the air of the Camargue 
The mare devours the shoots of reeds 
That whisper softly in the breeze 
The colt lowers his head to eat 
His muzzle and the water meet 
He snatches the samphire at his feet 
The food of the Camargue 
Afternoon sun makes the water shimmer 
Flamingos reflected as in a mirror 
And from the colt’s back the egret spies 
Observing the world with his glassy eyes 
And, suddenly, takes to the skies 
The sunset of the Camargue 
And far away where the herons cry 
And mackerel scales speckle the sky 
Over the salt water you will see 
White horses gallop, wild and free 
And these; they are the horses of the sea 
The horses of the Camargue.

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