Runner up in the grade 5/6 section – Sarah Richman’s poem “The Wonderful Wetlands”


The wonderful wetlands 

by Zara Richman from Scotch Oakburn College

Flourishing wildlife bursts into life 

Waterfalls run into calm rivers

Dominant mammals lurking near reptiles 

Nursing their young close to the billabong 

The water’s edge at the light of dawn 

Shimmering water is animal’s home 

Lurking in the mist, powerful deadly predators 

Along the plains, in moist warm air 

Animals under threat, losing their homes 

The overhang is watching everything that happens below 

The essence of nature 

Dazzling though the clouds of the morning brightly shining 


Birds swoop over the reflective water 

Beautiful creatures live peacefully 

Not destruction to be seen 

Animals are free 

A place to call home 


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