Highly commended in the grade 5/6 section – Nina Pahari’s “Wonderful Wetlands!

Wonderful Wetlands! 

by Nina Pahari of Bellerive Primary School

black swan copy
Croaking, swimming, 
Hopping in the wooded swamps. 
Yellow, brown, green and gold. 
Newly born tadpoles frantically flipping in the murky water. 
Frogs of the wetlands 
Graceful, elegant, 
Some gliding, some drifting. 
Plunging their long necks into the water, hoping to find food. 
Look up ahead!
Hundreds of them, flying towards the rain. 
Swans of the wetlands 
Stretching tall, 
Swaying gently in the breeze, 
Trying to grow higher than the sun. 
Birds plucking them out one by one to build their nests. 
Reeds of the wetlands. 
Paddling slowly through the still water. 
Small, cockroach-like body scrambling over pebbles. 
Scurrying to find shelter, 
Waiting to be prey. 
Waterbugs of the wetlands. 
These are just some of the many wonderful things that make up our wetlands. 

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