And congratulations to the overall winner of the grades 7/8/9 section, Tess Harkin!


by Tess Harkin



the sky is reflected here –

the horizon spreads to endless depths

under the stillness of the surface.


a mirror –

of clear, clear blue,

of dreaming and tire swings hanging from trees

on long summer’s afternoons

that stretch

in the quiet golden sunshine,

to meet the dusk –

dusk filled with mosquitoes

and citronella candles, and

bare feet slapping on the deck and down the path,

kicking up sand over the dunes

and tracking it back into the house.

grit between cold sheets on hot nights.


or of a brooding, pensive grey

that broils and stews silently,

sheltered by shadows of trees that line the water,

trees that reach reflections across

to join hands with those stuck

on other sides of the bank,

where their roots sink into mud –

like toes

on that long-ago beach,

where we played,

made mud pies and threw them

at each other and the trees,

where they’d hit,

leaving a bullseye, then

a fresh trail of mud

where they slid, snail-like,

to the ground.


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