Congratulations to the overall winner of the grades 5/6 section, Ella Robinson!

 Secrets of the Wetlands

by Ella Robinson


The rich, red, sludge

Squelches beneath my toes.

I can hear the essence of nature


Birds cries echoing

Trees whistling

Frogs croaking

I can hear the wind swaying

Through the reeds and grasses

Side to side,

Lovely, cautious wildlife

Disappearing under

The fresh green lilies and reeds

Searching for food

I can see

The most beautiful flocks of birds

Peppering the sky with their elegance.

The fresh green lilies cover

The water’s surface

Flowers bloom

With rich, vibrant colours

An incredible cycle of life.


The photo at the top of this piece is by Juan Sebastian Bermudez Salcedo, and was taken from the Ramsar website – to see more beautiful wetland images, visit their image collection here.


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