Happy World Wetlands Day! Here are the winners of our poetry prize!

Happy World Wetlands Day!


Congratulations to all entrants in the World Wetlands Poetry Prize for Tasmanian Students!  Disphyma crassifolium

The prize was judged by Bradley Trevor Greive AM (who is an especially judgy judge), and he chose the following poems as the most outstanding examples from all the entries we received:

Years 3/4

Overall Winner

Perfect Catch by Stella Taylor

Highly Commended

Wetlands by Caitlin Powell


Wetland (Land of Wet) by Jasmine Cooper

Dinner by Bonnie Hewitt

Wetlands by Mia Van Dijke

Wetlands by Tahlia Chilcott

Years 5/6

Overall Winner
Secrets of the Wetlands by Ella Robinson

Highly Commended
Wonderful Wetlands! by Nina Pahari


Wetlands by Archie Jones

The Wonderful Wetlands by Zara Richman
Wetlands by Stephanie Wilks
Our Vast Wetlands by Daisy Willows

Years 7/8/9

Overall Winner

Reflections by Tess Harkin

Highly Commended

Frog Spawn by Clementine Harris


Return to Wetlands by Tessa Yu

Flamingo by Elle Anderson

Horses of the Camargue by Marion Scott

Dragonfly by Anagha Valappil

Congratulations again to all who entered – we hope to see some of you at the celebration at the Wooden Boat Festival on Monday 13th February from 12:30PM til 1.  Stay tuned for more details – we’ll be posting them in the next couple of days.

Thanks so much to our sponsors, NRM South and Fullers Bookshop, for making this poetry prize a possibility, and to Clarence City and Sorell Council’s for their ongoing support.

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