We have a shortlist!

Hello there World Wetlands Day Poetry Prize enthusiasts!

Our rather judgy judge, Bradley Trevor-Greive AM, has been perusing your poems, and has compiled a shortlist of entries he rather likes.  Unfortunately, we didn’t receive enough entries for the grades 10/11/12 category to be able to meet our needs for this prize (we suspect these students were wisely swotting up for exams), but for the other categories,  BTG has chosen the following:BTG Current Author Photo

For the Grade 3/4 category, shortlisted poems include:

  • “Wetland (Land of Wet)” by Jasmine Cooper
  • “Wetlands” by Caitlin Powell
  • “Dinner” by Bonnie Hewitt
  • “Wetlands” by Mia Van Dijke
  • “Perfect Catch” by Stella Taylor
  • “Wetlands” by Tahlia Chilcott


For the Grade 5/6 category, shortlisted poems include:

  • “Wonderful Wetlands!” by Nina Pahari
  • “Wetlands” by Archie Jones
  • “The Wonderful Wetlands” by Zara Richman
  • “Secrets of the Wetlands” by Ella Robinson
  • “Wetlands” by Stephanie Wilks
  • “Our Vast Wetlands” by Daisy Willows


For the Grade 7/8/9 category, shortlisted poems include:

  • “Return to the Wetlands” by Tessa Yu
  • “Flamingo” by Elle Anderson
  • “Reflections” by Tess Harkin
  • “Horses of the Camargue” by Marion Scott
  • “Frog Spawn” by Clementine Harris
  • “Dragonfly” by Anagha Valappil

Congratulations to all shortlistees, and indeed, to all poets who entered a poem to the competition.  We wish you the best of summer holidays, and hope you get to go for a wander through some lovely local wetlands over the festive period.

We’ll be announcing the overall winners of each category on World Wetlands Day – 2nd February 2017.

We’ll also be posting some updates on events coming up over the summer, including details of the World Wetlands Day Poetry Prize Ceremony, which will be held at Hobart’s Wooden Boat Festival on Monday February 13th – please do come along to hear some of the winners’ poems read aloud!

Best swampish regards,

The World Wetlands Day Poetry Team




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